Rep. Escobar on Abortion Rights: Republicans ‘Want to Control Us’

Rep. Escobar on Abortion Rights: Republicans ‘Want to Control Us’

July 15, 2022

Friday on MSNBC Reports, Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) weighed in on Senate Republicans blocking a bill that would have protected people who traveled across state lines to have an abortion, claiming falsely that the GOP wants “to control” women.

“I see this as the Republicans’ war on women,” Escobar lamented, raising the tired old . “Remember, this is the political party that has not only tried to strip women of their right to abortion, their right to making a decision about their health, their future, their own well-being — that has now been taken away from women.”

False. Republicans have not “stripped” women of the so-called right to an abortion. The Supreme Court ruled recently to overturn the constitutional right to abortion, handing the issue back to the states to decide. In addition, abortion has nothing to do with women’s “health” and “well-being.” It has everything to do with the convenience of infanticide. That is the “right” Democrats are fighting tooth-and-nail to protect.

“But that is not enough for them,” she went on to claim — and again, falsely. “We saw with the case of the 10-year-old little girl who was brutally raped, who had to flee her state in order for her to have access to an abortion. We have Republicans who would force that little girl to give birth to a baby born out of a brutal rape.”

No one is forcing anyone to give birth. In any case, the Left loves to play the “rape” card in abortion debates, when pregnancy from rape constitutes only a miniscule percentage of cases. The vast, vast majority of abortions are elective, and that is what the death cult of the Left wants to protect.

“Women, for Republicans, we are dispensable; we’re disposable. They want to control us. But I will tell you — there is one party, there is one party in America standing up for women, fighting for women, fighting for these babies once they are born with childcare, universal pre-K, paid family and medical leave — all of those things which Republicans vote against consistently. There is only one party in America that has America’s back, and it’s the Democratic Party.”

The notion that the Democrat Party is fighting for women is laughable. We’re talking about the Party that refuses even to define the word “woman,” that replaces “mother” with “birthing person,” and that supports the eradication of women’s sports by biological males claiming to be women. In fact, to paraphrase the demagogue Escobar, there is only one party in America that is fighting for women, families, and American citizens, and it’s the Republican Party.

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