Rep. Cohen: We Can Impeach Trump Over and Over Again

Rep. Cohen: We Can Impeach Trump Over and Over Again

November 28, 2019

Wednesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Rep. Steve Cohen said House Democrats could impeach President Trump again.

Asked if he is concerned that the impeachment inquiry is being rushed through before all the facts are known, Cohen replied, “Well, I think things will come out. Things will come out for as long as he’s president and after he’s president.

“We will continue to pursue those issues, and we can still have hearings in Intel in Judiciary on actions he took that are violative of the Constitution, that are violative of law that affects our national security. All of those things can still be subject for hearings and possible— if there is something that comes out that’s impeachable, that doesn’t mean you can’t have another impeachment. There’s no rule that you win once and ‘olly olly oxen free,’” Cohen added.

Perhaps Cohen doesn’t realize how ridiculous he sounds, promising endless impeachments. But his Party has nothing else to offer Americans.

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