Rep. Cohen: Trump ‘Worst Person in the Universe’

Rep. Cohen: Trump ‘Worst Person in the Universe’

September 2, 2019

Rep. Steve Cohen told CNN Friday that fired MSNBC host Keith Olbermann should return to broadcasting and declare Trump “the worst person in the universe.”

Asked if his constituents are weary of endless Democrat investigations into President Trump, Cohen replied, “A few people tell me that. Most people tell me don’t let up. Don’t stop. They want him gone. Now, my district is a predominantly Democratic, African-American district. That is a demographic that is very much against Trump and feels his racism in a very personal way.

“But it’s not just my African-American constituents,” he continued… “It’s my Caucasian constituents, as well [as] my Hispanic constituents. They encourage me to continue to go after Trump. They find him to be one of the most miserable people ever to live — that Keith Olbermann should come back and declare him the worst person in the universe.”

The reference was to a regular segment on the hateful, profane Olbermann’s show in which he “awarded” some conservative “the Worst Person in the World.”

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