Rep. Cohen: Pelosi Looking For ‘Talented’ Impeachment Team

Rep. Cohen: Pelosi Looking For ‘Talented’ Impeachment Team

December 27, 2019

On CNN on Thursday, Rep. Steve Cohen revealed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking at a “demographic mix” of “talented folks” to serve as House managers in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

“I think there are a lot of people that would serve it best, who would be honored to serve,” Cohen said. “This is the highest — one of the few sole responsibilities of the House, is impeachment. And the Constitution says it’s the sole body that has impact on impeachment.

“There are several committees that have been involved besides Judiciary, Intel, also Foreign Affairs and Oversight and Government Reform,” he added. “So there’s a lot of people to choose from. There’s a lot of talented folks. And I think Speaker Pelosi is looking at a demographic mix. She’s got a lot to consider, and I’m sure she’ll have a good team. And if I’m on it, I’m honored. And if I’m not on it, I’m going to support the team, and I’ll have my way to support the effort.”

He sure does sound excited about the opportunity to impeach the President, which Pelosi and other Dems have been pretending is a “somber” and “sad” duty.

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