Rep. Cohen Calls Trump ‘Paranoid, Delusional’

Rep. Cohen Calls Trump ‘Paranoid, Delusional’

August 20, 2019

On CNN’s The Situation Room Monday, Rep. Steve Cohen described President Trump as “a paranoid, delusional individual.”

Responding to a question about gun control, Cohen said Americans have to come “to grips with the fact that we have a leader who is not capable of leading this country. The economy is in danger because the president has no clue. He doesn’t have an economist…”

Cohen added that “my father was a psychiatrist… and I think he should be here today rather than me, because when you listen to that previous report you had, that’s a paranoid, delusional individual, blaming even Fox News and the media for the problems with the economy and saying everything’s fine and everything’s wonderful.”

For a president who supposedly has neither a clue nor an economist, Trump has done wonders for America’s economy.

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