Rep. Clyburn: ‘We Were Fully Employed During Slavery’

Rep. Clyburn: ‘We Were Fully Employed During Slavery’

February 19, 2020

Tuesday on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Rep. James Clyburn downplayed the economic gains his fellow blacks are enjoying under the Trump administration, saying “we were fully employed during slavery.”

Host Cavuto brought up the president’s economic achievements, noting that Trump had “delivered the goods for a lot of African-Americans… with record-low unemployment levels,” prompting Clyburn to interject, “Come on, Neil” before claiming that those numbers were “not true.”

“I’m saying that the African-American unemployment is not the lowest it’s ever been unless you count slavery,” Clyburn said, who later falsely attributed the booming economy under Trump to former President Barack Obama. “We were fully employed during slavery. So it all depends how you measure this up.”

What a ludicrous analogy. Slavery is obviously an evil, and employment is obviously a positive ideal. If blacks had benefited so well under Obama, who did nothing for them, Clyburn would be praising him to the skies.

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