Rep. Carter: Biden ‘Doing Irreparable Damage’ to Georgia

Rep. Carter: Biden ‘Doing Irreparable Damage’ to Georgia

April 7, 2021

Wednesday on the Fox Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) slammed President Joe Biden for “doing irreparable damage” to Georgia’s businesspeople and penalizing American states while refusing to call for a boycott of the 2022 Olympics in China.

Biden is “doing irreparable damage. Let me tell you, he just does not get it,” Carter said. “He does not understand that these are people’s livelihoods here. I just want to take the opportunity to thank Joe Biden, to thank [Democrat voter fraud maven] Stacey Abrams, and to thank [race-mongering reverend and Democrat Senator] Raphael Warnock for taking this away from the state of Georgia. You should be congratulated. And you have achieved what you set out to achieve, taking money out of the pockets of small businesspeople, many of them minority businesspeople. You should be ashamed of what you’ve done here.

“And the president of the United States, who sits back and does nothing with Communist China when they are violating human rights over there, but you ask him about Beijing and the 2022 Olympics, no comment whatsoever,” Carter continued. “Yet, he wants to penalize his own states? That is irresponsible, and it’s just despicable.”

Irresponsible and despicable. Sounds like a fair description of the entire Democrat Party.

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