Reiner: Trump Followers ‘Are Not Hesitant to Use Guns’ in a ‘Coup’

Reiner: Trump Followers ‘Are Not Hesitant to Use Guns’ in a ‘Coup’

December 13, 2021

Last weekend on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, former filmmaker and unhinged anti-Trump hysteric Rob Reiner claimed that former President Donald Trump’s followers were “not hesitant to use guns,” so they must be stopped now from attempting to overthrow the government.

“There was an insurrection. There was an attempt to overthrow the government,” Reiner claimed, referring to a January 6 Capitol Hill protest gone chaotic. Fact check: there was no attempted “insurrection,” the term the left has coordinated to use to demonize Trump supporters protesting the stolen 2020 election.

“Now to put it in context, let’s say, for instance, a guy goes in to rob a bank, and he fails. You’re still breaking the law,” Reiner ranted. “You’re trying to rob a bank. That’s what happened. They tried to rob this country of its due process and the election. They went and tried to steal an election, and they tried to overthrow the government. That’s against the law. That breaks federal law. We need the DOJ to prosecute that. Unless they prosecute that, we’re giving the rights for people to just do it again, and they will. So we need two things, we need to prosecute the people responsible, and we need to pass voting rights.”

Again, there was no insurrection, but The Narrative must be perpetuated.

Reiner continued, “Now think about this: there’s never been a sitting president of the United States that has attempted to overthrow the government. That’s what we have. It’s all out there in plain view.”

One last time: there was no insurrection, nor did Trump plot one.

“And we better pay attention because many people have said, this is a dress rehearsal, and Trump is still, you know, stirring things up and getting all his followers, you know, engaged, and these people are not hesitant to use guns,” Reiner lied. “We’ve seen that in the past, and they’ll continue to do it, so we have to stop them now.”

Reiner is a liar, a propagandist, and a radical lunatic with zero political insight, but he’s a leftist celebrity, so MSNBC gives him the air time to smear and fear-monger.

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