Reiner: Trump ‘Defecating on Our Constitution’

Reiner: Trump ‘Defecating on Our Constitution’

September 19, 2019

Hollywood filmmaker and anti-Trump hysteric Rob Reiner once again took to social media to call for the impeachment of President Trump, this time accusing him of “defecating on our Constitution.”

“Donald Trump has perverted the office of the Presidency. He is defecating on our Constitution,” Reiner tweeted Thursday. “For the love & life of our Country, the time has come to stop fucking around. IMPEACH!”

Earlier this month Reiner had ranted on Twitter, “Never in our nation’s history has there been a more lawless President. He has continually lied to the American people & has used the Presidency to line his pockets. GOP, history is watching.” In a separate tweet he urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “This can no longer just be about 2020. His criminality must be made clear to the American public. Madame Speaker, pull the trigger.”

Democrats only defend the Constitution, a document they are itching to modify to suit Progressive policies, when a Republican is in the White House.

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