Reiner: ‘Trump Commits Crimes on a Daily Basis’

Reiner: ‘Trump Commits Crimes on a Daily Basis’

September 23, 2019

Hollywood filmmaker and anti-Trump hysteric Rob Reiner took to social media once again to call for the impeachment of the President, claiming that Trump “commits crimes on a daily basis” and is planning to collude with Russia “again” in order him “steal” the 2020 presidential election.

“Our founding fathers never anticipated what we’re facing,” Reiner tweeted. “A President who commits crimes on a daily basis. He was not held accountable for a foreign country helping him steal the last election. So he’s at it again. History will judge where we stand now. IMPEACH!”

Just last week Reiner ranted obscenely on Twitter that the President is “defecating on our Constitution.”

“Donald Trump has perverted the office of the Presidency. He is defecating on our Constitution,” Reiner tweeted. “For the love & life of our Country, the time has come to stop fucking around. IMPEACH!”

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