Reiner: The GOP ‘Is Out of It’s Collective F**king Mind’

Reiner: The GOP ‘Is Out of It’s Collective F**king Mind’

November 17, 2020

In yet another unhinged, anti-Trump Twitter outburst, filmmaker Rob Reiner claimed on Monday that the Republican party is “an accomplice to murder” and that the party is out of its “collective fucking mind.”

The Republican Party is out of its collective fucking mind. And an accomplice to murder,” Reiner tweeted without any further context. Ironically, his slur came on the heels of self-declared president-elect Joe Biden‘s hypocritical plea for “healing” in America.

Rob Reiner has been a key Hollywood fundraiser for Biden. A Hollywood event in May co-hosted by Reiner raked in $700,000 for the senile corruptocrat. Reiner has also devoted an obsessive amount of social media attacks on Trump, frequently labeling him a murderer for his purported inaction on the coronavirus.

“Every day that this sick man chases his delusions, people die. Pure and simple he is committing negligent homicide,” Reiner ranted in another tweet on Monday.

It is former All in the Family “Meathead” Reiner who is delusional — or more likely he knows full well that he is simply lying about Trump in order to push propaganda that demonizes the president.

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