Reiner Smears Late Limbaugh as a ‘Purveyor of Disinformation’

Reiner Smears Late Limbaugh as a ‘Purveyor of Disinformation’

February 18, 2021

Right on the heels of the death by lung cancer of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh, has-been Hollywood filmmaker and anti-Trump hysteric Rob Reiner smeared Rush as a liar and “purveyor of disinformation.”

Rush Limbaugh is gone. But there is no scarcity of purveyors of disinformation left in his wake. To protect our Democracy we must remain vigilant in calling out their big lies. Starting with climate change,” tweeted the former All in the Family “Meathead.”

Reiner was just one of many mainstream media personalities, blue-checked leftists, and Hollywood haters including faux tough-guy Ron Perlman and faux intellectual John Cusack, who predictably and classlessly spewed insults at the late Limbaugh.

Last year, Reiner expressed his unbridled hatred of Limbaugh when President Trump honored Rush with the Medal of Freedom before Congress. “I loathe this fucking man,” tweeted the juvenile coward Reiner, who is not a Medal of Honor recipient and never will be.

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