Reiner: I’d Go to the Polls to Put This Racist Criminal Behind Bars

Reiner: I’d Go to the Polls to Put This Racist Criminal Behind Bars

August 14, 2020

Filmmaker and unhinged anti-Trump activist Rob Reiner declared to his 1.2 million Twitter followers that he’d be willing to show up in person to vote and risk contracting the coronavirus if it would oust President Trump in the November election.

“Destroying the USPS is a violation of Federal Law,” Reiner tweeted, referring to Trump’s opposition to the Democrat proposal to give the Postal Service up to $25 billion in emergency funds. “Trump is breaking it to steal this election. No one wants to choose between voting and dying. But to put this Racist Criminal behind bars & save our Democracy, I’d go to the poll.”

This is absurd for at least two reasons: one, Democrats claim that going to the polls to vote puts everyone at risk of contracting coronavirus. Yet not one Democrat celebrity or politician has condemned the mass gatherings at violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa “protests” for exposing people to the disease.

Second, Trump is not destroying the Post Office (which has done a very good job of destroying itself and deserves to fail) or trying to steal the election. He’s trying to prevent the Democrats from stealing the election through the fraud-ridden method of voting-by-mail.

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