Reiner: GOP’s Strategy is ‘Stop People of Color from Voting’

Reiner: GOP’s Strategy is ‘Stop People of Color from Voting’

March 2, 2021

Sunday on MSNBC, former filmmaker and All in the Family “Meathead” Rob Reiner claimed without evidence that the Republican Party had become the “party of white nationalism,” and that its only strategy “is to keep people of color from voting.”

“To me, Donald Trump is the greatest gift to the Democratic Party you could ever have,” Reiner said. “There was a very famous quote by Rick Wilso,” he continued, referring to the hate-filled grifter who helped found the scandal-ridden, Never-Trump Lincoln Project. “He wrote a book called ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies,’ and his whole life, whether it’s his businesses or his political career, he is a loser. Ultimately, he lost the White House. He was impeached twice. He lost the Senate. He lost the House. He lost seats in Georgia. To me, the Republican Party is being consumed and taken over by this false idol. You talk about a false idol. You see that golden statue moved into CPAC. I mean, they’re bowing down to a false idol.

“They have one issue,” Reiner continued, “which is white grievance.”

Fact check: so-called white grievance is not even a thing, much less the GOP’s “one issue.” If anything, it is Reiner’s Party that has only one issue, and that’s black grievance.

“They’re the party of white nationalism,” the race-mongering meathead Reiner blathered, “and they care only about prying to preserve this somehow image of what America used to be. By the way, that’s their only strategy. The strategy is to keep people of color from voting. That’s the only strategy they have. Preserve America for white people, stop people of color from voting.”

Fact check: what Republicans are trying to suppress is massive Democrat voter fraud. And Republicans are not out to preserve America for white people, but to preserve it from the totalitarian socialism of the radical Democrat Party and hateful demagogues like Reiner.

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