Reiner: Trump Supporters Are Racist and Ignorant

Reiner: Trump Supporters Are Racist and Ignorant

November 5, 2019

On Tuesday, filmmaker and unhinged Trump critic Rob Reiner took to social media again to hurl more tiresome accusations of racism and criminality at the President, complaining that a “breathtaking number of Americans” support him.

“There has always been racism. There has always been ignorance,” the director tweeted. “There have always been people subject to the lure of a cult. The sheer volume of Americans who willingly follow this Lying Racist Criminal is breathtaking. But they are still the minority. We will win.”

For once, he has a valid point: there is a breathtaking number of Americans who support Trump, and they are fed up with the open contempt of leftist elites like Reiner. As for a presidential “cult,” Reiner needs look no further than the religious adoration he and his fellow leftists bestowed upon their messiah Barack Obama.

Reiner is wrong about winning in 2020, though. The Americans he so casually smears as racist and ignorant will be out in “breathtaking” numbers to reelect Trump.


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