Reid: Tucker’s ‘Hyper-Masculinity Flex’ is Blatant Fascist Posturing

Reid: Tucker’s ‘Hyper-Masculinity Flex’ is Blatant Fascist Posturing

April 20, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, the most racist host in leftist media Joy Reid described Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s new series on men as a “hyper-masculinity flex” that is “blatant, fascist posturing.”

Reid stated, “The formerly bow-tied ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant’s hyper-masculinity flex is some pretty blatant, fascist posturing.”

For Reid and her fellow far-left agitators, everything and everyone that isn’t onboard with their agenda is “fascist” and “racist.” Those words have been so overused they have lost all meaning and power.

“The decline of real men is code for conservative white men who need laser beams to make white babies,” Reid continued.

When Reid and her fellow far-left agitators can’t find actual racist quotes from their political opponents, they just claim that what they say is
“code” for racism.

“And if that all falls apart, that spooky old, great replacement theory is bound to succeed,” Reid ranted. “What is scarier is what the rhetoric translates into, from book banning to abortion bans and laws that regulate procreation in women’s bodies. And what is now an obsession with the false notion scary liberal saboteurs are going to turn your kids, meaning your sons, trans. That fascist posturing has led to fascist tendencies on the American right that worship tough-guy — well, fake tough-guy Trump — who even as a ghostly presence can reign as a party boss.”

You have to hand it to Reid for managing to rope together everything from demographics to censorship to abortion to the trans movement to fascism to — you knew this was coming — Donald Trump, even though none of that has anything to do with Tucker Carlson’s series on masculinity.

But Reid gets paid to manufacture these connections in order to demonize her political opponents as “fascist” and “racist” — Democrat code for “white Republicans.”

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