Reid: Trump Will Be ‘Hard to Beat’ in 2020

Reid: Trump Will Be ‘Hard to Beat’ in 2020

August 26, 2019

In an interview with National Public Radio’s (NPR) Weekend Edition Sunday, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid warned that defeating President Trump in 2020 will not be “a walk in the park.”

“I think that anyone who thinks it’s going to be a walk in the park is wrong,” replied Reid when asked how difficult the race against Trump is going to be.

“No one should discount Donald Trump. He’s spent a lifetime developing who he is and I wish he were somebody else, but he’s somebody that has been able to focus on race,” he added.

Noting that he thinks Trump has the wrong policies on the environment, the economy, and trade, Reid then continued: “So I think that his simplistic views on the world translate to people not wanting to focus real hard on what needs to be done to help this country. So don’t discount him. He’s going to be hard to beat.”

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