Reid to Jordan: ‘I Doubt God Blesses Anything You Stand For’

Reid to Jordan: ‘I Doubt God Blesses Anything You Stand For’

September 8, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, racist propagandist Joy Reid said she was doubtful God blessed anything Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stood for.

Fear-mongering about the highly contagious Delta variant” of COVID she claims is wiping out the country, Reid complained that “a large portion of the country is acting like nothing is going on. That’s certainly apparent in college football as we saw maskless fans packed into stadiums like this one at the University of Wisconsin in Madison this weekend.”

She added, “Those scenes were celebrated on Twitter by Republican Congressman Jim Jordan who declared that, quote, ‘Real America is done with COVID. God bless!’ First of all, I doubt God bless is anything that you stand for, assistant coach Jim. COVID, it’s far from done. In fact, officials with the World Health Organization delivered the unwelcome news today that because of the virus continues to mutate among the unvaccinated, it’s likely here to stay.”

Sanctimonious secular scolds like Reid and her fellow Democrats don’t have a clue about whom God would bless, and they don’t care. They just want to smear Republicans and “the unvaccinated” who resist Big Government and Big Pharma totalitarianism.

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