Reid: Tim Scott Threw White Republicans a ‘Lifeline’

Reid: Tim Scott Threw White Republicans a ‘Lifeline’

April 29, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC after President Biden’s address to Congress, race-mongering propagandist host Joy Reid criticized Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s rebuttal for throwing “white Republicans a lifeline.”

Reid said, “I was surprised, to be honest with you… I’m not sure what his purpose was. His audience to me appeared to be conservative white Republicans who are angry over certain things, of cancel culture and the same sort of cultural nods that we hear on Fox News. And he was out here to throw them a lifeline. It was disappointing. He had an opportunity to really speak about his work on the, you know, on the George Floyd Act and what he’s trying to do to offer his own amendments to it. He didn’t. He just came out and talked about the amendments he tried to offer before which were seen as inadequate by mainstream people involved in trying to do criminal justice reform, saw his previous bill as inadequate yet it failed a cloture vote…”

Reid added, “I am shocked and a bit embarrassed for him. This was a lost opportunity. Tim Scott has an opportunity to make his mark on criminal justice reform, and this ain’t going to do it. This wasn’t it.”

Reid is disappointed in Tim Scott because he is a black Republican, which black leftists like herself see as race treason. She would like to be able to demonize him as “Uncle Tim,” like many racists on the left do, but she has to tread more carefully in her criticism because he’s black.

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