Reid: ‘There’s Something Wrong’ With Trump’s Mental State

Reid: ‘There’s Something Wrong’ With Trump’s Mental State

August 7, 2020

Friday on CNN’s Newsroom, former Sen. Harry Reid said President Trump’s mental state appears to be “getting worse” in light of his comment that Democrat candidate Joe Biden is “against God.”

Trump had said of Biden, “He’s going to do things that nobody ever, would ever think even possible because he is following the racial left agenda, take away your guns, destroy your Second Amendment, no religion, no anything. Hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns.” Fact check: true.

“There’s something wrong with that man,” Reid complained. “I keep hoping that he will become more attuned with reality, but he’s getting worse.” He went on to claim that Biden has been “a devout member of the Catholic faith” his whole life, and “it is wrong for anyone to attack Joe Biden with his life history because of his religion or lack thereof. Joe Biden is a man of integrity, and I’m sorry to say our president is just the opposite.”

Biden is a devout Catholic like Nancy Pelosi is a devout Catholic, which is to say, not devout at all.

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