Reid: The Unvaccinated Are Keeping the Pandemic Going

Reid: The Unvaccinated Are Keeping the Pandemic Going

September 13, 2021

Friday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, racist propagandist Joy Reid claimed falsely that the majority of Americans support COVID vaccine mandates because they are “sick” of the “unvaccinated bogarting our spaces and keeping the pandemic going.”

Reid, who makes almost daily appearances here at Discover the Networks, said, “We begin tonight with a sigh of relief followed by a right-wing meltdown. President Biden has announced far-reaching new federal requirements to compel the millions of unvaccinated Americans to get their shot. If you’re like me, chances are you and those in your circle thought — finally, we finally don’t have to worry about the unvaccinated bogarting our spaces and keeping the pandemic going. On the right, the freakout is already in full effect.”

Actually, if you “follow the science,” as the left likes to say, it’s clear that the people keeping the pandemic going are the vaccinated, who are now the biggest transmitters of the disease.

Reid added, “Americans aren’t even irritated. They are sick of it. For the angry unvaccinated, it’s not about freedom. It’s about a right to be dead. It’s an argument for only a quarter of Americans. The rest of us are already partially or fully vaccinated and ready to get on with our lives.”

Lies. It absolutely is about freedom, because the vaccine skeptics know that the left is never going to let us get on with our lives. They will never cede the power they have seized through this manufactured pandemic. As we have already seen, getting the vaccinate is not enough. The vaccinated still have to wear masks. They’re still getting COVID. They’re still spreading it.

There will be further vaccines, further COVID variants to combat, more excuses to keep the populace under control and steer the economy where the left wants it to go. This pandemic will never end as long as the far left like Reid hold the reins of power.

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