Reid: Rittenhouse Judge ‘Has Done Everything But Offer to Adopt’ Him

Reid: Rittenhouse Judge ‘Has Done Everything But Offer to Adopt’ Him

November 17, 2021

Tuesday on her show The ReidOut, MSNBC’s racist propagandist host Joy Reid said Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder’s behavior during the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial is so biased that he “has done everything but offer to adopt Kyle Rittenhouse.”

“There is lots of reasons to be concerned about this judge…” claimed network legal analyst Paul Butler. “The public rightly expects the appearance of justice and impartiality. On that level, this judge consistently disappoints… There is a pattern of bias that is troubling. At this moment, Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent in the eyes of the law, but as long as the judge appears to be tipping the scales of justice in Rittenhouse’s favor, the public may not have confidence in the process or the verdict.”

Reid said, “That’s a question I had, too. Is there any recourse? This judge has done everything but offer to adopt Kyle Rittenhouse. He seems so clearly on his side. Does the prosecution have any recourse if it seems so clear that the judge is already made up his mind that Kyle Rittenhouse — that he’s on — it seems at least to the layperson out there that he’s completely on his side.”

As desperately as Reid and MSNBC want to project the narrative that justice is not being served in the Rittenhouse trial, the fact is that the the judge has not shown favoritism to Rittenhouse but exasperation with the comically incompetent prosecution, who have lied, withheld evidence, aimed rifles at the jury, and generally made a farce of the proceedings.

But Reid’s message, as always, is that racism is in play. “The absolute difference between the way justice is served to people of color and people who are White. I don’t know how it could be clearer than this,” she insisted.

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