Reid: Right Fighting Critical Race Theory to Avoid Repairing the US

Reid: Right Fighting Critical Race Theory to Avoid Repairing the US

May 29, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, Joy Reid, arguably the most hateful racial demagogue in the activist media, declared that “the right” is in a “knockdown, drag-out fight to shutdown intellectual pursuits like critical race theory” in order to avoid repairing America’s “raw, racial violence.”

Reid said, “When it comes to the racial history of this country, there’s a real fight going on. Lots of Americans, particularly on the right, want [history to be like a] bedtime story. They’re insisting on it, and so they’re in a knockdown, drag-out fight to shut down intellectual pursuits like critical race theory, which simply asks how our racial history intersects with the construction of our laws or a journalistic, historical reckoning like the 1619 Project. Too many people want to keep Americans blindly numb to the raw racial violence in our collective past.”

Fact checks:

1) Critical race theory is not an intellectual pursuit; it is a race-hustling, ideological bludgeon devised by America-hating, anti-capitalist, cultural Marxists to divide and conquer. It does not simply ask about the repercussions of racism; it inculcates racism.

2) The 1619 Project is not a work of scholarship or journalism; it too is an ugly, ideological lie that has been discredited by hundreds of historians. Its lead author was even compelled to retract its central thesis, which is that America’s origins are rooted in slavery and racism.

3) The issue is not that the right wants Americans blind or numb to the racial pain of the past; the issue is that the left doesn’t want that pain to end. Racial violence today is entirely the domain of leftist revolutionaries who benefit politically by keeping America in a state of constant racial animosity and tension.

Republicans “want Americans to just shut up and feel good about America’s founding and sing from the hymnal, so they don’t even have to think about dealing with the repercussions of our true history and the need for repair,” Reid sneered.

Reid and her ilk don’t care about repairing this country’s history; that was the aim of the original civil rights movement, the color-blindness of which black activists today reject. Instead, they are openly anti-white racists who want, not unity and healing, but payback and power.

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