Reid on Walker: GOP Doesn’t Want a ‘Thinking Black Senator’

Reid on Walker: GOP Doesn’t Want a ‘Thinking Black Senator’

October 29, 2022

Thursday on race-mongering MSNBC’s The ReidOut, racist propagandist Joy Reid claimed, predictably that the Republican Party was using Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker as a prop.

Reid said, “This is what double bothers me about the people who have been trotted out to endorse Herschel Walker. You have Tom Cotton, who said slavery was not so bad, it was a necessary evil. He doesn’t give a damn about black people. You have Rick Scott, who has already threatened that he’s going to attack corporations that wouldn’t donate to Republicans. And now, Lindsey Graham, who when he had the opportunity to elevate an actual black United States senator and allow him to make a contribution, he undercut his fellow South Carolina senator and destroyed the bill that he was building. If he respects black men, then why didn’t he let  Tim Scott have that victory and have a legacy of his own? He undercut it.

“It’s showing you they don’t want a thinking black senator,” she continued. “He’s too much for them. They were like, ‘You can be here and wave quietly and silently wave, Tim Scott, but the minute you try to legislate, Lindsey Graham – your fellow South Carolina senator – is going to cut the legs out from under you.’ What they want is Herschel, who’s gonna sit there quietly and nod, and nod, and nod while he’s being pointed to as if he is a prop.”

This is always the Left’s playbook: call Republicans racist if they don’t nominate or elect blacks, and call them racist when they do. Reid pretends to defend Walker, but in fact she and her Party believe that black Republicans like him are race traitors and “not really black.” It’s Reid and the Left that are the racists, demanding that all blacks think, act, and vote the same — Democrat.

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