Reid: Infrastructure Package a ‘White Guy Employment Act’

Reid: Infrastructure Package a ‘White Guy Employment Act’

January 22, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, racist propagandist Joy Reid dismissed Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a “white guy employment act.”

While interviewing transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, freshly back from more than two months’ maternity leave, Reid asked, “Do you think it was a mistake, looking back? Because the infrastructure bill that was passed was cleaved apart from what’s now being called Build Back Better. And in a sense, it’s a bill that’s like a white guy employment act, right? There is going to be a lot of working-class men that are going to get employed by that bill. But that’s the very cohort that is much more likely to reward Republicans for that. That’s who they vote for.”

“Most working-class white guys vote Republican,” she continued. “Meanwhile, all the stuff for the women, for moms, for people who need childcare, for people of color, that’s going to affect climate, which young people really care about, you know, extending the child tax credit, all the stuff that helps families and women and younger people and people with college debt, all that got dropped. Do you think it was a mistake to split those bills?”

Even Buttigieg found Reid’s bigotry objectionable. “No, and I want to challenge the idea that this is a bill that only benefits one part of the population,” he replied. “I get where you’re coming from and what you’re saying, but look. You look at something like the investment in transit, you know, it’s Americans of color, commuters of color who are most likely to depend on that. You look at the jobs we’re going to create, and yeah, they have been traditionally white and male, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.”

So the white guy Buttigieg is saying the administration is creating jobs for everyone — not just those deplorable white guys.

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