Reid: GOP Upset Because Their Fascism ‘Was Named’ by Biden

Reid: GOP Upset Because Their Fascism ‘Was Named’ by Biden

September 6, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, inveterate racist Joy Reid claimed falsely that Republicans are upset about President Biden’s divisive, hateful speech only because he “named” their fascism.

Reid first tried a dose of “whataboutism,” claiming that former President Trump “basically went full fascist” during a Pennsylvania rally this holiday weekend, “denouncing the FBI as vicious monsters despite recent actual attempts by his fans to attack federal law enforcement and calling President Biden an enemy of the state.” She called it “the most divisive speech ever delivered by an American president. Pretty rich coming from Donald Trump.”

Apparently going “full fascist” is only what your political opponents do.

Then the propagandist host shifted gears into the usual fear-mongering and demonization of Trump supporters.“FBI agents are being threatened. So you have threats against law enforcement. You have an insurrection in which there was a violent attack on the Capitol, in which they beat up police officers and left five people dead, eventually.”

Fact checks: there was no “insurrection” or “violent attack on the Capitol” on January 6, 2021, and of the people who “eventually” died, only one death actually had anything to do with the January 6 chaos: an unarmed Trump supporter was shot dead by Capitol police.

“You have the demands that procreation be achieved at the behest of the state, essentially state-mandated birth,” she ranted. Fact check: no one is “essentially” or in any other way calling for “state-mandated birth.” How does this demagogue have a job on the airwaves?

“You have an anti-immigrant mania, and you have a cult of personality. If you look up fascism in the dictionary, you’re going to find all of those things. So, I’m really not sure what the Republicans are all upset about, other than the fact that it was named.”

Is it really necessary to point out that Republicans aren’t anti-immigration, only anti-illegal immigration? As for a cult of personality, here’s a dose of whataboutism for Reid: ever heard of Barack Obama?

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