Reid: GOP ‘Gaslighting’ Women; Abortion IS an Economic Issue

Reid: GOP ‘Gaslighting’ Women; Abortion IS an Economic Issue

October 24, 2022

Thursday on her race-mongering MSNBC show The ReidOut, racist host Joy Reid said that Republicans and the media were gaslighting American women over inflation concerns and the abortion issue.

Reid said, “The midterm election is now less than three weeks away, and in the final stretch, I have noticed, and I don’t know if you have noticed, frankly, this gaslighting of women voters. This message that says, ‘Oh, you don’t really care about your right to control your own body, dears. It’s the economy, stupid.’ I mean, Republicans certainly want you to think about that, and the Beltway media is helping push that narrative with headlines touting recent polls, some with tiny, tiny sample sizes, suggesting Republicans are surging, the red wave is back, we can go back to the pre-Dobbs narrative because the economy is the most important issues, the end.”

Every poll — and Reid tries lamely to discredit them by claiming they use “tiny, tiny sample sizes” — every poll shows that the number one concern of Americans is the economy. Democrats are the ones gaslighting women by dismissing this and telling them their only concern should be killing their babies.

She added, “I mean, this may be news to Republicans and Fox News reporters, but women are part of the economy. Abortion is an economic issue. I mean it’s an economic issue in Texas, where a woman nearly died of an infection because doctors couldn’t perform a legal abortion. Health care isn’t free in America, as you know, and if not being able to get an abortion leaves you sicker, that costs. It’s an economic issue when as The Wall Street Journal reported, a Tennessee doctor had to send a woman in a medical emergency on a six-hour ambulance ride, again, not for free, to end her pregnancy in North Carolina where she arrived with dangerously high blood pressure and signs of kidney failure.”

This is gaslighting. The hysteria-mongering gaslighting that women will simply be left to die if they can’t have abortions on demand in Republican states. The Democrat Party doesn’t care about women — a word the Party refuses to define. They care about preserving their family-destroying sacrament of infanticide.

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