Reid: FL Gov. DeSantis Is the ‘Modern-Day George Wallace’

Reid: FL Gov. DeSantis Is the ‘Modern-Day George Wallace’

April 27, 2021

Thursday on her show The ReidOut, MSNBC propagandist host Joy Reid said that Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis was the “modern-day” version of segregationist Gov. George Wallace (who happened to be Democrat) for signing the state’s new anti-rioting law.

“Republican state legislatures across the country are responding to the demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder with punitive new measures intended to discourage protests altogether,” Reid claimed falsely. In fact, the legislation is intended to discourage rioting and looting.

Reid went on to complain that DeSantis signed into law legislation that makes it harder for Black Lives Matter protesters to run violently amok. “This is directed at Black Lives Matter. It feels so George Wallace that I’m shocked that George Wallace didn’t actually think of it back when he was governor of Alabama.”

Reid added, “Ron DeSantis appears to really want to reenact the entire George Wallace history. I guess he wants to be the modern-day George Wallace because he is enacting a slew of laws that essentially try to make it illegal to protest in the state of Florida, illegal to touch their precious Confederate statues from the losing side of the Civil War, right? But then also — but you also can’t vote. This is Jim Crow in your state.”

Can’t vote? Jim Crow? Protecting their “precious Confederate statues”? This is nothing but race-baiting demagoguery with no connection to reality. But that’s what MSNBC and Reid traffick in.

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