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Reid: Canada, Mexico Should Build Walls in Response to U.S. Mass Shootings

May 25, 2022

Tuesday on her MSNBC show The ReidOut, racist propagandist Joy Reid sarcastically said that Canada and Mexico should build walls along their borders because of the number of mass shootings in the United States.

Reid rambled incomprehensibly: “School shootings by country, you want to make it sound like the problem is the border, so the problem is coming over the border from Mexico? Good luck with that — 288 school shootings in the United States thus far this year, eight in Mexico, eight. We are scores of magnitude more dangerous on this side of the border than that one. Maybe Mexico should build a wall to keep the American mass shooters out because that would actually be more logical.”

It’s not more logical. It’s insane to suggest that Mexico, a failed state run by ruthless drug cartels, is safer than the U.S.

Reid went on to say, “You know how many were killed in Canada in schools? Two. So it’s 228-2. Yeah, they should build a wall. They’d be safer. We are the ones who should be on the other side of the wall.”

These so-called “stats” are meaningless and without any context whatsoever, but that’s how Joy Reid rolls. Her agenda in exploiting the school shooting is to demonize gun owners and the Second Amendment, which is a barrier to the state power she wants to expand.

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