Rather: Atlantic’s Trump Story ‘Believable to a Lot of People’

Rather: Atlantic’s Trump Story ‘Believable to a Lot of People’

September 9, 2020

Hosting a show on Tuesday “Radio Andy” on Sirius XM 102, disgraced CBS News anchor Dan Rather doubled down on his support for a ludicrous allegation in The Atlantic that in 2018 President Trump called American soldiers who died in World War I “losers” and “suckers.”

This patently politicized claim has been refuted, on the record, by well over a dozen sources, including by Trump critics like former National Security Advisor John Bolton. But that didn’t stop Rather, who devoted a segment of the show to the Atlantic story, from stating that the accusation is “believable,” even if false.

“Whether he said it or not, it is believable,” Rather said. “What about — the president said terrible things about Senator John McCain?” he asked a caller who correctly noted that the real “suckers” and “losers” were those who believed the media uncritically.

Rather’s comment echoed that of NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander, who said on Friday that whether the story is true or not, it “resonates.” The totalitarian left knows this story is a grotesque lie, but for them the truth is irrelevant; what matters is whether a narrative has value as propaganda, regardless of whether inconvenient facts contradict it.

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