Raskin: Trump Unleashed Racism, Neo-Fascism in Our Democracy

Raskin: Trump Unleashed Racism, Neo-Fascism in Our Democracy

December 13, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s Deadline, Democrat Congressman and lying demagogue Jamie Raskin (D-MD) ranted falsely that former President Trump unleashed racism, authoritarianism and neo-fascism on America.

Raskin said, “We can get up, and we can, you know, read people the Constitution, we can talk about the principles of the Constitution and democracy and the rule of law, but America itself is the story of people struggling for a more perfect union. And every generation has had to struggle to improve the country, and we began, as everybody knows, as a slave republic, but today, here we are, still, even with Donald Trump at large, the greatest multi-racial, multi-ethnic, constitutional democracy on earth.”

“We began as a slave republic”? Only a Democrat would use that phrase to describe America.

“Still, the wonder of the world to people all over the place. But we have got to keep struggling to make ourselves a more perfect union if we’re going to keep moving things in the right direction because Donald Trump has unleashed a lot of the monsters of the last century against us, the racism, the authoritarianism, neo-fascism, all of those things are out there. So Americans have got to hang tough in order to defend our democracy and to keep it growing because democracy is always a thing that’s in motion, getting better all the time.”

Raskin’s job is to serve his party as a propagandist, smearing his political opponents. Trump is the Left’s greatest fear, and so they project onto him the racism, authoritarianism, and neo-fascism with which they themselves have poisoned American politics.

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