Raskin: Trump ‘Tried Multiple Efforts to Overthrow’ Biden Win

Raskin: Trump ‘Tried Multiple Efforts to Overthrow’ Biden Win

April 27, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed falsely that former President Trump attempted “multiple different efforts to overthrow Biden’s” fraudulent 2020 election win.

Raskin stated, “Trump had tried multiple different efforts to overthrow Biden’s majority in the Electoral College. They are trying to intimidate and browbeat election officials, like the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in Georgia. That was caught on tape. Everybody heard Trump saying, just find me 11,781 votes. That’s all I want. That didn’t work. There was the plan to try to get the military to seize election machinery and to rerun the election. They ran that through the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, which is what led to his aborted effort to install a new attorney general.”

He added, “There were all of these different efforts going on. Then it finally came down to everything focused on Mike Pence. That was the Hail Mary play, or what they were calling, the Green Bay Sweep. They would throw everything at Mike Pence. They were going to try to pressure him and coerce him into rejecting electoral college votes in a way that would set the stage for a failure of a majority in the electoral college. Then, kicking the whole thing into the House of Representatives, under the 12th Amendment, for a so-called contingent election. So, that was the whole thing.”

The truth of the matter is, Trump was not trying to overthrow the election results but to investigate the obviously illegitimate election

Once again (remember the Russia collusion farce?), the power-mad, voter fraud enthusiasts in the Democrat Party like the radical Raskin have concocted an anti-Trump conspiracy theory with absolutely zero hard evidence, this time to cover up their own treasonous theft of the presidential election.

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