Raskin: Trump ‘Remains a Clear and Present Danger’ to America

Raskin: Trump ‘Remains a Clear and Present Danger’ to America

February 22, 2021

Monday on ABC’s Progressive propaganda gab-fest The View, Rep. Jamie Raskin declared that former President Trump “remains a clear and present danger to the American people.”

“I think we need to confront his criminality, his corruption, and his dangerousness every single day,” claimed Raskin, a rising Democrat superstar. “As long as he’s still out there, he remains a clear and present danger to the American people.”

As long as he’s still out there? Perhaps Raskin wishes someone would eliminate Trump once and for all. It’s as if he is paraphrasing Henry II’s complaint of Archbishop Becket, “Will no one rid us of this troublesome ex-President?”

“He spent four years in office cozying up to every dictator and despot on earth, from Putin in Russia to Orbán in Hungary to Duterte in the Philippines, el-Sisi in Egypt,” Raskin continued. “You find a criminal in public office, that was Donald Trump’s guy. They’re going to be, you know, sending Jared Kushner out there on a globetrotting tour of every kleptocracy and autocracy on earth in order to collect the money they feel they deserve from having worked with all of these regimes.”

“That money will be used to try to get Donald Trump to return to the White House,” he added. “Of course, if he were to ever able to get back in, he would try to stay forever. He was already talking about a third term and how the Democrats owed him more terms and so on. So I think he remains a very clear and viable threat to the American republic and obviously to the Republican Party. He is likely to destroy the Republican party because of his authoritarianism and his determination to remain a cult leader.”

To borrow from Mary McCarthy’s slam against Communist playwright Lillian Hellman, every word of Raskin’s smear is a lie, including “and” and “the.” His fear-mongering nonsense is designed to further demonize a man who, even though out of office, has been and remains the biggest political threat to the left’s seizure of power.

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