Raskin: Trump MAGA Movement Has the ‘Hallmarks of a Fascist Political Party’

Raskin: Trump MAGA Movement Has the ‘Hallmarks of a Fascist Political Party’

September 5, 2022

Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, hate-mongering Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin claimed with a straight face that former President Trump’s Make America Great Again movement has the “hallmarks of a fascist political party.”

Host Major Garrett began by asking Raskin to evaluate Trump’s recent statement that the 2020 election should be rerun, or he should be reinstated in office, and that if reelected in 2024, he would provide full pardons to those charged and/or convicted for “storming the Capitol” on January 6th.

Raskin took this leading question and ran with it. “Well, first, if he’s saying that the election should be rerun, which is something he’s been asserting from the beginning, that’s totally outside of the Constitution. There is no procedure for the military just to seize the election machinery and run a new election, which is one of the things that his disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was pushing, and we know was part of the January 6 plot.”

Fact check: there was no January 6 “plot,” unless he’s referring to the FBI entrapment of Trump protesters after the Deep State organization and Capitol Police instigated the Capitol breach in the first place.

“And look, more than 60 courts rejected every claim of electoral fraud and corruption which Donald Trump advanced,” Raskin added. “He’s had the benefit of more than 60 courts, including eight courts, where he appointed the judges to office, look at all those claims and they were all rejected. It was rejected in the states and he lost the election.”

Fact check: those courts did not reject the claims — they refused to look at the evidence for those claims. Everyone — Raskin included — knows the election was fraudulent and the results were manipulated by the Deep State in D.C.

“Two of the hallmarks of a fascist political party are one, they don’t accept the results of elections that don’t go their way and two, they embrace political violence,” Raskin continued.

Apparently the irony of a Democrat making that statement sailed right over his own head, because the Democrats have claimed that every election this century that a Republican has won was illegitimate and “stolen.” As for political violence, the Democrats oversaw months of politically-driven rioting, looting, and violence in 2020 by the far-Left domestic terror organizations Black Lives Matter and Antifa. No Democrat leader or media talking head ever condemned any of that.

The true fascists are the illegitimate President Biden and his fellow Democrats.

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