Raskin: Running for Office Won’t Protect Trump From Prosecution

Raskin: Running for Office Won’t Protect Trump From Prosecution

November 16, 2022

Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that running for president would not “immunize” former President Trump from being prosecuted.

Asked if Trump’s announcement that he is running in 2024 would protect him from investigations or indictments, Raskin replied, “No, it’s absolutely wrong. In fact, the people who made that point most emphatically were his defenders in the Senate during the second impeachment trial, who said that the proper way to deal with a former president who has engaged in criminality is to prosecute him rather than impeach anymore he has already left office. Of course, that contradicted more than two centuries of understanding that a public official does not have to still be in office in order to be impeached, tried and convicted.

“But in any event, everybody agreed that he could be tried. I mean, under our Constitution, we don’t have an office of former president of the United States. A former president of the United States is just a citizen, and the highest office in our land is that of citizen, not president and not former president. So you don’t have a right to commit murder as a president or embezzlement or bribery or seditious conspiracy or attacks on federal proceedings or what have you. He can still be tried. I think the Department of Justice has been clear about that. All that matters is the facts of the case and the law. There is a slight exception to that that they don’t bring cases against candidates several weeks or maybe a month before an election. But other than that, you know, running for office is not something that will immunize you against prosecution.”

Do Cooper and Raskin really believe Trump threw his hat in the ring purely as a strategy to avoid prosecution? In any case, Trump is never going to be indicted, much less convicted, of anything. He has committed no crime, and Raskin and his fellow Trump haters know it, but they have to do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of office because he is an existential threat to the totalitarian Left’s administrative state.

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