Raskin: GOP Has Become ‘the Authoritarian Cult’ of Trump

Raskin: GOP Has Become ‘the Authoritarian Cult’ of Trump

September 12, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s All In, hate-mongering propagandist Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party has become the “authoritarian cult of Donald Trump.”

Raskin said, “Financial crime follows in Donald Trump’s wake. As you know, I’ve argued for a long time that Trump really should’ve been impeached the first time for his rampant violations of both the foreign and domestic emoluments clause as he was raking in millions of dollars from foreign governments and also taking money from domestic federal departments and agencies at the hotels and golf courses and so on. It has always been a scheme for self-enrichment for him. He converted the government into an instrument of capital gain for him and his family and his friends.”

What jaw-dropping projection. The claim that Trump treated the presidency as nothing more than a scheme to enrich himself through corrupt deals is a demonstrable lie. Now, let’s look at the Biden family corruption…

Raskin added, “Donald Trump is someone who pushes everything to the max. They turn this into a moneymaking enterprise. He, of course, is now the king of the hill in the Republican Party. He’s got all the money, and all of the members of Congress are terrified of him that he would endorse somebody against them or spend their money against them. They are completely beholden to the guy, and Abraham Lincoln’s party has become the authoritarian cult of Donald Trump.”

Raskin is nothing but a demagogue and inveterate liar, which is why the corrupt, complicit mainstream media invites him on so often to smear their political opponents.

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