Raskin: GOP an Anti-Democratic, ‘Shrinking Minority Party’

Raskin: GOP an Anti-Democratic, ‘Shrinking Minority Party’

January 18, 2022

Thursday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, leftist hate-monger Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed that the election numbers of Donald Trump’s presidential opponents — falsely inflated by Democrats like Raskin — prove that the GOP is a “shrinking minority party.”

Raskin said, “This is going to sound partisan, but in partisan terms, look, Hillary beat Trump by more than three million votes. Joe Biden beat him by more than seven and a half million votes, and the young people are increasingly on our side. The GOP is a shrinking minority party, which is why they’re hanging on to every anti-democratic lever of power they’ve got, the gerrymandering of congressional and state legislative districts, the filibuster, the packing of Courts — all of these things are covering up for the fact that the vast majority of the people reject what they have to offer.”

Raskin conveniently neglects to mention that 1) our presidents are not chosen by the popular vote, and 2) Biden did not win by more than 7.5 million votes, if he even won at all. It’s impossible to know the true count because Democrat voter fraud was so widespread and massive.

Raskin added, “So we’re in a titanic struggle here because it’s a race between the vast majority of the American people who want democracy to keep going forward and then a party that has positioned itself outside of the constitutional order which is attacking our elections, which is passing voter suppression statutes and which is trying to deny majority rule in the country.”

This demagogic rant is an attempt to bury the truth that the GOP is trying to establish voter integrity, not suppression, to prevent the naked power grab of Democrats. Shame on Raskin.

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