Raskin: Electoral College ‘Has Become a Danger’ to Democracy

Raskin: Electoral College ‘Has Become a Danger’ to Democracy

December 26, 2022

Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, unhinged propagandist Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed that the electoral college “has become a danger not just to democracy, but to the American people.”

Asked about the conclusions of the sham January 6 investigative (read: smear) committee, Raskin bloviated, “It’s a story of some real villainy and some real danger to democracy, but also of real heroism and commitment to American democratic freedom. And with democracy under attack all over the world, like with Putin invading Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people standing up for their democratic freedom, and tyrants and autocrats on the march everywhere, it’s good to know that we have a strong resurgent democratic spirit in America.”

However, Raskin then segued into another aspect of the Democrat Party’s agenda to change America’s election process in order to ensure perpetual Democrat victories and a forever, one-party state: “The truth is that we need to continually be renovating and improving our institutions… I think that the Electoral College now, which has given us five popular vote losers as president in our history, twice in this century alone, has become a danger not just to democracy, but to the American people. It was a danger on January 6th, there are so many curving byways and nooks and crannies in the Electoral College, that there are opportunities for a lot of strategic mischief. We should elect the president, the way we elect governors, senators, mayors, representatives, everybody else, whoever gets the most votes wins.”

The Founding Fathers designed the electoral college for our Republic precisely to prevent the will of the people being thwarted by a “popular vote,” but Democrats don’t care about checks and balances like that. They don’t care about anything but the seizure and maintenance of power.

“You know, we spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year exporting American democracy to other countries, and the one thing they never come back to us with is the idea that, ‘Oh, that Electoral College that you have, that’s so great, we think we will adopt that too…’” Raskin claimed. “[W]e know that the Electoral College doesn’t fit anymore.”

It doesn’t fit for the Democrats because it doesn’t ensure electoral victories for the Democrats. Raskin and his fellow totalitarians don’t care about anything else.

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