Raskin Calls GOP Probe into Joe Biden a ‘Complete and Total Bust’

Raskin Calls GOP Probe into Joe Biden a ‘Complete and Total Bust’

September 12, 2023

The House Republican investigation into President Biden and the Biden business is an “epic flop” and “total bust,” House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed Monday in a 14-page memo.

Despite damning allegations from direct witnesses, polling, and false statements made by Joe Biden, Raskin’s more than 6,300-word memo alleges Republicans should drop their potential impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden due to “precisely zero evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever” against the president.

Raskin, who threw a “tantrum” in April because he did not have a copy of Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell,” said the more than 170 suspicious activity reports flagged by U.S. banks for the Treasury, along with whistleblower allegations, emails, texts, and records showing Joe Biden’s grandchildren made money from foreign deals, was not enough information for Republicans to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. According to Raskin:

It has been a complete and total bust — an epic flop in the history of congressional investigations. The voluminous evidence they have gathered, including thousands of pages of bank records and suspicious activity reports and hours of testimony from witnesses, overwhelmingly demonstrates no wrongdoing by President Biden and further debunks Republicans’ conspiracy theories.


Despite the contention from many of his fellow Republicans that an impeachment inquiry would lack any basis in fact, Speaker McCarthy has said that an impeachment inquiry is nevertheless necessary for Republicans to uncover the evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden that they baselessly insist exists — effectively admitting that any such inquiry would amount to nothing more than a wasteful ‘second bite at the apple’ to try to find support for a theory that Senate Republicans’ 2020 investigation and Chairman Comer’s own investigation have already disproven.

Sixty-one percent of Americans believe Joe Biden was involved in his family’s business deals with China and Ukraine, a CNN poll found Thursday. Only 38 percent say the crime family patriarch did not have any involvement in his family’s business. A mere one percent say Joe Biden was involved and did nothing wrong.

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