Raskin: ‘a Lot of New Evidence’ of Trump ‘Culpability’ For Jan 6

Raskin: ‘a Lot of New Evidence’ of Trump ‘Culpability’ For Jan 6

October 13, 2022

Wednesday on CNN’s Situation Room, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed falsely that the sham January 6 House Select Committee has a lot of new evidence to present at the partisan show trial on Thursday.

Raskin said, “Well, we have a bunch of new documentary evidence and statements that establish the central role that Donald Trump played in his overwhelming culpability in these events. I don’t think any reasonable, open-minded observer could watch what we’re going to do tomorrow and what we’ve done over the course of these hearings, put it all together, and not come away with one conclusion, which is that none of this would have happened except for the will of Donald Trump.

“Had he accepted his defeat after losing in more than 60 federal and state courts,” the propagandist Raskin continued to rant, “if he had just accepted it the way that other presidents have in the past, none of this would have happened? But the political coup and all of the events surrounding the attempt to overthrow Joe Biden’s majority in the Electoral College, the insurrectionary violence, the mobilization of the mob, all of it flowed out of the will and determination of one man to seize the presidency. And that’s Donald Trump. I think that we have a lot of new evidence which will make that abundantly clear to the American people.”

Fact checks: 1) there was no attempted insurrection on January 6; 2) there was no attempt to “overthrow” the vote, despite the mountain of evidence that the 2020 election was fraudulent; 3) there was no mobilization of a mob on January 6 — Trump explicitly called for no violence, and peaceful demonstrators were invited and funneled into the Capitol by police and FBI instigators; 4) the Committee has ZERO evidence or it would have waved it in front of the complicit, anti-Trump news media and taken some action by now.

Instead, the Committee simply continues to drag out this charade with no evidence just as it did the Russian election collusion hoax. The Democrats are liars and totalitarians out to destroy the greatest threat to their One-Party State: Donald Trump and his supporters.

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