Rashida Tlaib Claims Trump ‘Hates Our Country’

Rashida Tlaib Claims Trump ‘Hates Our Country’

July 16, 2019

On CNN Monday, Rep. Rashida Tlaib  accused President Trump of hating America and using “racist” tweets to distract voters from his “lawless presidency.”

“I think he’s the one who hates our country because I’m an American just like anyone else, and I can tell you this is a failed presidency,” Tlaib said. “And He knows it. He has a failed border policy where right now there are children dying in our care.

“He has a failed policy on healthcare. To this day, we have people struggling to pay for insulin, can’t have affordable access to health care, to prescription drugs. You have a failed system on our education crisis in our country. This is a failed president. He’s a lawless president. And that’s what he wants to distract us from. He wants us unfocused,” Tlaib added.

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