Warnock: Evangelical Support of Trump Is a ‘Deep Contradiction’

Warnock: Evangelical Support of Trump Is a ‘Deep Contradiction’

November 13, 2023

Sunday on MSNBC’s Inside, radical leftist Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) said the Evangelical community’s support of former President Trump was a “deep contradiction.”

Anchor and former White House Press Propagandist Jen Psaki asked, “Does it bother you that the Evangelical community seems to be continue to be very much behind Donald Trump? Is that surprising?”

Warnock said, “It’s a deep contradiction. It’s a deep contradiction. And I think that’s when the history of this period is written, we will have a lot to say about that.”

He continued, “You cannot account for some of the divisive forces at work in our country, sadly, without reference to what’s happening in huge segments of the American church.”

Warnock added, ‘I come out of a tradition that has always tried to use our faith to bring us together. I like the way Jimmy Carter used his fate. I like the way Martin Luther King Junior and Ella Baker and white brothers and sisters like James Reed, in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, how they used their faith. And also many others in this moment.”

Let’s get real: the Left cares absolutely nothing about bringing people together. They care only about destroying their political enemies. And Evangelical support for Trump is not a contradiction. Evangelicals know that God often elevated imperfect people, even great sinners, in the past to positions of power in order to further his will on earth. And that includes Trump.

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