Rahm Emanuel Questions Dem Candidates’ Obama-Bashing

Rahm Emanuel Questions Dem Candidates’ Obama-Bashing

August 2, 2019

In an interview which aired Friday on Fox Business Network’s WSJ at Large, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel questioned the strategy behind the criticism of former President Barack Obama during the second round of Democrat presidential debates.

The show’s host said he found it “a little odd” to see candidates take shots at Obama as candidates targeted his former Vice President Joe Biden, who the host called “the most popular Democrat in the country.”

“A little?” Obama’s former chief of staff asked. “You can strike the word ‘a little.’ The guy’s at 90-some-odd percent among Democrats. He’s the most successful progressive, prolific president — who had an incredible chief of staff, let me say that — since the Great Society. What are they doing?” added Emanuel.

What they are doing is trying to tarnish frontrunner Biden’s connection to Obama — the only thing he has going for him.

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