Radical Dem Rep. Karen Bass Expected to Run for L.A. Mayor

Radical Dem Rep. Karen Bass Expected to Run for L.A. Mayor

September 27, 2021

Race-mongering communist Rep. Karen Bass is reportedly expected to run for mayor of Los Angeles, according to Politico.

“Bass’ decision has long loomed over the race as a decisive variable,” Politico reported. “Her supporters in deeply Democratic Los Angeles have launched a campaign urging her to run, City Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas, one of the city’s leading Black politicians and a longtime Bass ally, recently told the Los Angeles Times that Bass would ‘send terror through the ranks’ of other candidates if she chose to run.”

Bass has been a rising star on the political left for nearly two decades. “She came under intense criticism during the vetting process [to be Biden’s running mate in 2020] for her decades-long association with communists,” Breitbart News had previously reported, “her membership in a communist front group run by Cuba’s communist regime, her praise of communist dictator Fidel Castro, and her public praise for her communist mentor and communist influencers.”

“During the late 1980s-’90s, Bass increased her community organizing profile in South Los Angeles, speaking regularly to various far-left organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America,” Breitbart continued.

A Politico reporter also reportedly overheard Bass talking about her plans to run for mayor on a phone call. “‘I’m going to officially announce a run for mayor,” she said on the call.

It’s difficult to imagine Los Angeles and California becoming even more far-left than they already are, but if Bass wins the mayoral election, that’s what will come to pass.

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