Racially Insensitive 1973 Biden Speech Resurfaces

Racially Insensitive 1973 Biden Speech Resurfaces

June 7, 2019

A 1973 speech before the City Club of Cleveland, Ohio has resurfaced in which current presidential hopeful Joe Biden made racially and sexually insensitive remarks.

Introduced as a rising star with a “frank and candid” demeanor,” the young Democrat Senator sprinkled his hour-long address with comments that could be awkward for his 2020 campaign, including saying that “the two-party system… is good for the Negro,” claiming that politicians like him do more good for society than doctors or lawyers or “Indian chiefs,” telling the women in the audience they wouldn’t understand his football analogy, and referring to himself as a “phony liberal… the kind that go out of their way to be nice to a minority.”

Biden also joked that he had a Capitol Hill elevator operator fired for not recognizing him as a U.S. Senator.


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