Rachel Levine Nominated One of USA TODAY’s Women of The Year

Rachel Levine Nominated One of USA TODAY’s Women of The Year

March 15, 2022

In another example of the left throwing women under the bus in their mission to eradicate gender distinctions, Dr. Rachel Levine, the transgender assistant secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), has been named one of USA TODAY’s “Women of the Year.”

“I’m endlessly proud of Dr. Levine and her work,” Gov. Tom Wolf tweeted Monday. “What a well-deserved honor.”

The biologically male Levine is on the list of honorees that includes Melinda French Gates, Simone Biles, and Vice President Kamala Harris, among others. The humiliatingly incompetent Kamala hardly qualifies as a “woman of the year” candidate, but unlike Levine, at least she qualifies as a woman.

Here are the criteria for nomination: “USA TODAY’s Women of the Year lead and inspire, promote and fight for equity, give others a place to seek help and find hope. They are strong and resilient women who have been champions of change and courage, often quietly, but with powerful results.” [Emphasis added]

Apparently USA TODAY accepts biological males as women, which means a deserving nominee who is actually female had to be cut from the list to make room for a man. So much for the left as champions of women’s rights.

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