Psaki Slams Youngkin’s Anti-Mask Mandate Order in Schools

Psaki Slams Youngkin’s Anti-Mask Mandate Order in Schools

January 18, 2022

White House press propagandist Jen Psaki slammed newly-installed Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) on Sunday for signing a wave of executive orders over the weekend, specifically one removing mask mandates in schools by allowing parents to decide whether or not their child will wear a mask as opposed to the school district.

Almost immediately upon his signing the executive orders, the Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax school districts announced masking will remain in place. Asked if he would make the school districts comply with his order, Youngkin said: “We wrote the order specifically to give all of the school systems, basically, eight days to get ready. To listen to parents. And the fact that tweet came out from Arlington County within minutes of my executive order, what that tells me, they haven’t listened to parents yet.”

In response, Psaki praised the school districts for pushing masking in schools. “Arlington county parent here (don’t believe you are @GlennYoungkin but correct me if I am wrong). Thank you to @APSVirginia for standing up for our kids, teachers and administrators and their safety in the midst of a transmissible variant,” she tweeted on Sunday.

Speaking with Fox News on Sunday, Youngkin said parents have “a fundamental right to make decisions for their children’s upbringing, their education and their care. And so we are providing parents an opt-out,” he said. “We’re providing them the ability to make the right decision for their child with regard to their child’s well-being.”

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