Psaki: GOP Out of Touch with ‘Whack-a-Doo Cultural Debates’

Psaki: GOP Out of Touch with ‘Whack-a-Doo Cultural Debates’

August 18, 2023

Friday on the leftwing propaganda outlet Morning Joe, MSNBC host Jen Psaki claimed the Republican Party is pursuing “crazy whack-a-doo cultural debates” that most Americans do not agree with.

Psaki said, “If you take a step back from all the developments of the legal trials and tribulations of Donald Trump, is that the Republican Party has moved in a direction that’s out of touch with the American electorate.”

She continued, “The Ohio example you gave is such a good one, and unfortunately there’s a number of other cases in states across the country where there have been efforts to make it harder for people in red states and purple states and lavender, whatever color states they are, to express their support for abortion rights and the ability of women to make choices about their own health care, because there’s a fear that women will do exactly that, that men will do exactly that, because those positions are popular in the country.”

Psaki added, “So even as we’re working through, navigating, litigating, explaining every detail of Trump’s legal issues, the challenge here is that the positions that the core candidates and leaders of the Republican Party have on issues people care about, whether it’s access to voting, choices about your own health care, all of these crazy whack-a-doo cultural debates about gay marriage, first of all, gay marriage is the law of the land, it’s out of touch with the public, and that is a core problem for the party.”

Democrats want to pretend that they’re the party of the people, improving American’s lives in practical ways, when in fact they’re the ones whose disastrous policies negatively impact the daily lives of citizens, and they’re the ones obsessing over whack-a-doo cultural issues like sexualizing and indoctrinating our children.

Everything out of the mouths of Democrats on propaganda programs like Morning Joe is the demonstrably complete opposite of the truth.

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