Psaki Falsely Claims Trump’s Travel Ban Was a ‘Muslim Ban’

Psaki Falsely Claims Trump’s Travel Ban Was a ‘Muslim Ban’

January 21, 2021

In her first briefing on Wednesday, incoming White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki vowed that new President Joe Biden’s administration would work to combat “misinformation” in the daily press briefings. She then proceeded to disseminate misinformation by promising that the administration would put an end to what she falsely claimed was President Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

“There are a number of ways to combat misinformation. One is accurate information and truth, and data, and sharing information even when it is hard to hear,” the self-righteous Psaki said. The she told reporters  that Biden had issued an executive order to “put an end to the Muslim ban, a policy written in religious animus and xenophobia.”

There never was a ban on Muslims, despite the Narrative the left worked hard to prop up for years. There was an executive order barring tourism and immigration from seven Muslim-majority, terrorism-linked countries states previously identified by the Obama-Biden administration: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

Something like 85% of Muslims in the world were unaffected by this  moratorium — hardly a “ban” on Muslims, but facts don’t serve the Biden administration’s misinformation.

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