Psaki Can’t Name Anyone in GOP Who Favors Defunding Police

Psaki Can’t Name Anyone in GOP Who Favors Defunding Police

July 1, 2021

When Fox News questioned her on Wednesday about her demonstrably false claim that Republicans support defunding the police, White House press secretary Jen Psaki doubled down but couldn’t name a single GOP member who does.

Psaki suggested that in not voting for the American Rescue Plan, Republicans were the true opponents of police funding. But when she was pressed on which specific Republicans in Congress voted no on the bill in an effort to defund the police, “Psaki was drawn up short.”

“I think actions speak louder than words,” Psaki bluffed. “If you oppose funding for the COPS program — something that was dramatically cut by the prior administration and many Republicans supported — and then you vote against a bill that has funding for the COPS program, we can let other people evaluate what that means. It doesn’t require them to speak to it or to shout it out.”

The COPS Hiring Program was created in 1994 to “assist law enforcement agencies in enhancing public safety through the implementation of community policing strategies.” Through it, the federal government provides grants to state and local departments around the country to help agencies hire additional officers.

When Biden was campaigning, he falsely accused former President Trump of eliminating funding for community policing. Trump did propose cutting the COPS program budget in half in 2019, but the budget was not “zeroed out” the way Biden claimed. At the time, the Trump administration argued that the program was ineffective. “These resources are spread thin and are not well targeted to achieve public safety outcomes,” the administration said.

Many Democrat-run cities have defunded the police in the past year, and prominent Democrat politicians have openly called for support for the movement. Now that violent crime is surging around the country, Psaki and her fellow propagandists are shamelessly trying to flip the narrative and blame the GOP.

No one is buying it. Everyone, left and right, knows that Democrats are not the law-and-order party.

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